What we do for you?

Our first step will be to conduct per country involved a high level VAT review of your activities. Such a review of the flow of goods/services and of invoices will enable to confirm correct VAT treatment of the operations, the extent of your deduction right as well as possible optimization or risks.

The above analysis might also identify necessary local VAT obligations such as the need for local VAT registration in order to charge local VAT on invoices, filing VAT returns, etc.

Our assistance covers the handle of all those local obligations via our office so that you can keep focusing on your business and not on the VAT administrative burden.

You'll beneficiate from


  • Single point of contact with VAT expertise in the 28 Member States

  • Optimization of processes and management of VAT risk exposure

  • Management of all local VAT obligations

  • Local VAT regulations monitoring

  • Multilingual team (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch)