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Cancelling VAT Representative 

EU businesses who are VAT registered in Greece through a fiscal representative can now cancel such appointment and keep on with the same VAT number.

In 2013, the Greek government removed the obligation for EU businesses to appoint a fiscal representative. However for EU business that were registered prior to this date, it was not possible to terminate the fiscal representative with the same Greek VAT number. 

Intrastat threshold for arrivals [01/01/2015]

As from 01/01/2015, Intrastat threshold for acquisitions will be increased from € 100,000 to € 150,000. Intrastat threshold for deliveries [€ 90,000] remains unchanged.

New form for periodical VAT returns [01/01/2015]

The periodical VAT return has been modified. The new form must be used as from 01/01/2015. The application for a VAT refund has been incorporated into the new form.


Change of VAT return deadline

As from 01/01/2014, deadline for filing periodical VAT returns is the last day of the month following the end of the tax period [instead of 20th day of the next month for returns with a debit balance and the last day of the next month for return with a credit or nil balance]. 




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