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Registration in the Registry if intra-EU Operators [Tip]

Foreign companies supplying intra-EU transactions as from Romania must be registered in the Registry of intra-EU Operators [RIO] before performing such operations.

EU Commission requests Romania to change its VAT refund practice

The European Commission has formally requested Romania to change its administrative practice of refunding VAT. Almost all VAT refund claims are systematically settled with unreasonable delays, sometimes taking over 180 days. This practice is not in line with EU VAT rules which foresee that VAT should be refunded swiftly so as not to create a burden for taxpayers. Even if Member States have a certain margin of manoeuver in determining refund conditions, Romanian taxpayers bear the burden of VAT for too long as a result of the current delays.

The request of the Commission takes the form of a reasoned opinion [the second stage of an infringement procedure]. In the absence of a satisfactory response within two months, the Commission may refer Romania to the EU's Court of Justice. 

 VAT refund rules 

VAT regulation in connection with VAT refund for foreign companies not registered for VAT purposes in Romania has been modified.The proof of payment of input VAT will be no longer a condition for the refund. Foreign companies whose refund requests were reimbursed in the past due to non-payment are now entitled to claim back Romania input VAT incurred on invoices issued during the period 01/01/2009 - 31/12/2013 without having the proof of payment of such invoices.

Construction sector – New reverse charge

Since 01/01/2016, a new local reverse charge has been applicable in the construction sector.

VAT rate decrease

As from 01/01/2016, the standard VAT rate will be reduced from 24% to 20%.  The 5% reduced VAT rate will apply to entrance fees in cultural events such as fairs, cinemas, exhibitions and zoos, and to castles, museums and other historical monuments as well as to books and school manuals, newspapers and magazines, with the exception of those dedicated primarily to advertising purposes.



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