VAT Review - Determine your VAT compliance needs

Your company carries out economic activities in one Member State of the European Union which may cause it to have possible VAT compliance obligations in that specific country.

As part of its global solution, European VAT Desk conducts a high level VAT review of your activities. Such a review of the flow of goods/services and of invoices enables us to confirm possible VAT obligations including:

• Need for local VAT registration

• Filing periodicity of VAT returns [monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually]

• Application of local VAT to purchases and/or sales invoices [reverse charge, etc.]

• Invoicing requirements [mandatory mentions on invoices based on local VAT rules]

• EC sales listing of goods and services, etc.

• Extent of deduction right

Additionally, review can point out VAT optimization schemes.


Do you have any question about VAT registration in Europe? Feel free to contact us by email. We can also schedule an online meeting and give a first oral opinion [free of charge] about the need for your company to be VAT registered in one Member State of the European Union. 



  • A global solution that cares for your business
  • VAT expertise in the 28 Member States
  • Single point of contact for VAT compliance across Europe
  • Multilingual team [English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch]

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