Several supplies to one single client: which VAT treatment?

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When a business offers several services to its customers at the same time, the question arises as to whether these different services should be subject to a single VAT treatment or whether they should be treated separately? In this context, the Court has developed two exceptions to the principle of independence of supply, namely single complex supplies and non-independent ancillary supplies.

Does your business have a permanent establishment for VAT purposes?

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When does the presence of your company abroad constitute a permanent establishment for VAT purposes?
The answer is not simple. Many companies find themselves in a “grey zone”, which is generally a source of conflict with the local tax authorities. And no European country is spared, as evidenced by the growing number of court cases on the subject regularly ending up before the European Court of Justice.

Belgium : VAT Calendar 2021

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VAT in Belgium : the due time for filing the VAT return in Belgium is in principle the 20th of the month following the period. The same applies to the payment of VAT and the filing of intra-Community listings of goods and services.

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