About our firm

Located in the heart of Europe, we assist businesses on all VAT related matters offering high-value services based on more than 20 years experience and a constant update of all fiscal and related judicial matters.

We deliberately chose to remain a human-sized firm in order to meet the following professional requirements;

  • Each client will be vetted by one of our partner and will be taken care by him personnally with a tailor-made solution;
  • Our structure allows us to create an develop a long-term professional relationship with our clients based on mutual trust;
  • We are not a mere “common” provider but we daily strive to be reliable partners and assist our customers in the development of their business in such a manner that VAT doesn’t prove to hamper their commercial expansion.


We are pleased to announce EUROPEAN VAT DESK received the “CFO Tech Outlook VAT Services Companies 2022” Award.

You can read the full article by clicking on the following link: here 

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