What are our core values?

The success of our firm is based on a set of values that are more necessary than ever to meet the expectations and challenges of our clients.

Three cardinal principles guide our actions on a daily basis:

  • Proximity

We have chosen proximity and put human interaction at the centre of the game: it is because we constantly interact with our clients that we understand their real needs and can then offer them appropriate VAT solutions.

  • Excellence

VAT is a tax of unprecedented complexity. The devil is in the detail. Our firm is up to date on VAT issues and has a digital library of over 20,000 references from which we draw inspiration for practical VAT solutions.

  • Agility

The world of VAT is undergoing a profound technological change: electronic invoicing, real-time, digitalisation of tax procedures, dematerialisation of documents, etc. Under the impetus of the European Commission, this technological change will accelerate significantly over the next few years and will affect all companies in the short term. Our firm has all the necessary agility to imagine, build and implement an efficient technological solution for you.

These fundamental values form the basis of our company's culture, its DNA, around a double ambition: to produce excellence for our clients while preserving the family spirit of our firm.