VAT is a daily challenge for businesses

Companies face a multitude of complex tax legislation matters, on a daily basis, as a result of their international activities. Indeed, VAT rules consist of different layers: European Directives and regulations, local VAT law, national and European case-law, administrative guidelines and notices, parliamentary questions, local practices, etc.

An efficient VAT management leads to substantial financial benefits. On the contrary, a misunderstanding of the rules can turn out to be financially detrimental. The pitfalls in this area are pretty abundant and fines (e.g. double taxation, administrative penalties, late payment interests) prove to be high, even if the taxpayer acts bona fide.

When do you need to VAT register abroad ?

Foreign companies which carry out specific commercial activities abroad, may be required  to submit VAT returns and consequently have to register for VAT purposes in the relevant countries. These companies should make sure that the domestic tax regulations are respected.

There are various situations where a VAT registration is required:

  • Import/export with non-EU countries
  • Organizing an Event
  • Intra-EU trade
  • Construction work