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How to deal with VAT on scrapped or destroyed goods in the EU ?

If you are a business owner in the European Union, you may have to deal with VAT on goods that you have scrapped or destroyed. This can be a tricky and confusing issue as the rules vary from country to country and can affect your VAT refund and write-off claims. In this article we explain what you need to know and how our tax firm can help. 

  • Do you have goods in your business that you have written off or disposed of?
  • Did you know that, depending on the country in which you operate, you may have to adjust the VAT you claimed on these goods?
  • If you don't comply with VAT rules, you could face penalties or audits from the tax authorities. 

That's why you need our tax consultancy to help you with your VAT recovery and write-off issues. 

  • We are experts in European VAT law and can help you navigate the complex and varying rules in different countries.
  • We can help you determine whether you need to adjust the VAT on your written-off goods, how to calculate the adjustment and how to report it correctly.
  • We can also help you claim back the VAT you have paid on your depreciated goods if you are entitled to a refund. 

Contact the author of the article today and let us take care of your VAT recovery and depreciation issues so you can focus on your core business.