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- EORI stands for Economic Operators Registration and Identification number
- It is a unique identification number for businesses and people who trade goods in or out of the EU
- It is used for customs procedures, security purposes and statistical purposes
- It consists of two parts: the country code of the issuing member state and a code or number that is unique in the member state
- It can be requested from the customs authorities of the EU country where the business or person is established or where they first lodge a declaration or apply for a decision
- It can be validated online in the EORI online database

Economic operators performing importations and exportations have to use an EORI number for customs clearance purposes

EORI stands for “Economic Operators Registration and Identification”. The EORI number starts with a country code (the Member State which grants the number) and a code or number that is unique.

All operators dealing with EU Customs have to obtain such an EORI number. It has to be applied for in one single EU Member State and will be used as well as recognized by all Customs Authorities of the EU countries.


The Expert's eye

EU based businesses have to apply for the EORI number in their own Member State of establishment. The non-EU operators must submit their application file to the Customs Authorities in the Member State in which they intend to perform their first importation/exportation.

It is possible to check the validity of an EORI number by means of the online database of the Commission.

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