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VAT is due on the import of goods into Europe

When your business imports goods into Europe, it must complete customs formalities and also pay VAT to customs at the time of clearance. It can then be reclaimed under the VAT refund procedures. There may therefore be a delay between the time the VAT is paid and the time it is actually refunded.

Pre-financing of VAT can be avoided

In order to avoid this pre-financing of VAT, many European countries have introduced in their legislation the possibility to postpone the payment of VAT in the VAT return. Through this reverse charge technique, the import VAT is declared together with its claim for refund. The pre-financing of the tax is thus eliminated.

The conditions for the application of this reverse charge system are unfortunately left to the discretion of each European country.

The VAT expert's eye

Does your company import goods into France? It must register for VAT in that country in order to be able to reverse charge the import VAT on a local VAT return.

This VAT return will be pre-filled with the information provided by the French customs. The company must therefore ensure the accuracy of the data, for which it alone remains responsible, by implementing two means of control:

  • Cross-checking the pre-filled data with the data made available on the French Customs website
  • The implementation of corrective processes in the event that errors are detected

Navigate France's Import VAT Rules with Confidence: Partner with us

This can be challenging, especially for companies unfamiliar with French VAT procedures.

Our team of VAT experts can help you ensure smooth import processes and VAT compliance. Here's how we can assist you:

  • Reverse charge application guidance: We'll analyze your import activities and advise you on whether the reverse charge mechanism applies to your transactions.
  • VAT registration support: If necessary, we'll guide you through the French VAT registration process to ensure you meet all compliance requirements.
  • Import VAT calculations and reporting: We'll assist you with accurately calculating and reporting import VAT under the reverse charge system.
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring: We'll keep you informed of any updates to French import VAT regulations and ensure your ongoing compliance.

By partnering with us, you can confidently navigate the French import VAT landscape and avoid potential penalties. Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss how we can streamline your import operations.

We offer a free video conference to assess your situation and provide you with a tailored solution.