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Importation of goods en route to another EU country (“customs procedure 42”)

According to VAT Directive, the importation of goods is exempted from VAT if followed by a supply or transfer of those goods to a taxable person in another Member State.

This exemption enables the importer to avoid pre-financing VAT at the moment of the importation.

The VAT expert's eye

According to European Court of Justice, the exemption from import VAT may not be refused in respect of an importer designated or recognized as liable for payment of that tax, in which, first, the recipient of the intra-Community transfer of goods effected after that import commits tax evasion in connection with a transaction which is subsequent to that transfer and is not linked to that transfer and, secondly, there is no evidence to support the conclusion that the importer knew or ought to have known that that subsequent transaction entailed tax evasion on the part of the recipient (ECJ, 531/17, VESTSCH, 14/02/2019)

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Customs Procedure 42 can provide significant financial and operational benefits for businesses importing goods into the European Union (EU) that are en route to another EU country. Our tax advising firm can help you maximize these benefits and ensure compliance with the procedure.

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  • Our firm can provide you with ongoing support and advice to help you manage your cash flow and reduce your financial burden by deferring the payment of import VAT until the goods reach their final destination in the EU.
  • We can also help you stay up-to-date with the latest developments and changes in the customs regulations, ensuring that you remain compliant and can continue to benefit from Customs Procedure 42.

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