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Double tracing of intra-EU trade

A business that sells or buys goods within the European Union must comply with the following reporting formalities:

  • It must submit a summary statement of its cross-border sales. This is tax information, which is intended for exchange between the tax authorities of the Member States for the purposes of intra-EU VAT control. In principle, this statement should be drawn up every quarter within a time limit and according to procedures determined by each European tax authority. However, the latter may provide for these recapitulative statements to be filed on a monthly basis.
  • It must complete an Intrastat statement to trace its intra-EU flows of goods if a certain amount is exceeded. The threshold is set by each European country. This is statistical information.

The Expert's eye

In order to limit the response burden on businesses, the VAT summary report may be pre-filled automatically, if the business so wishes, from its response to the statistical survey. This possibility will only be available to businesses questioned in the statistical survey that have fulfilled their statistical obligations beforehand.

Only businesses that are part of the sample and have received the notification letter will be liable for the response to the statistical survey. An enterprise should not spontaneously report a response to a statistical survey.

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